How do I create a Service?

Services serve an essential and base role in Discovery. A Services details a distinct revenue generating utility at a single location. In order to audit a Vendor Invoice, a Service must be established referencing Vendor Account. Please use the following steps as a guide.

Click on the Records.
Click on Services.
From the services index page click the New button.

Under the ① Service Type and Location step, first select a Service Type.

Under Location, begin typing the Location name and select from a list of existing Locations.
If you do not see your Location, please create the Location before creating a Service.

Provide a Service Effective Date. Click on the calendar icon to select a date.

Click on Next Step.

Under the ② Service Details step, begin typing your Vendor name and select from the list of available Vendors. Click on your Vendor name to select.
If you do not see your Vendor, please create the Vendor before creating a Service.

Choose your active Vendor Account.
If you do not see your Vendor Account, please create the Vendor Account before creating a Service.

Choose your Vendor Contract (optional).
If you do not see your Vendor Contract, please create the Vendor Contract before creating a Service.

Choose a Life cycle.

If you chose a scheduled life cycle, define a Pickup Schedule by clicking on Change.
In the lightbox widow that appears, define the Pickup Schedule details.

Be sure to check the Average Pickups Per Week to ensure this agrees with what is contracted.

Click on Close or click outside the lightbox to save the Pickup Schedule details.
Enter in a Vendor Base Charge for this Service (optional).

Enter in a Vendor Base Charge for this Service.

If your Bin information is available, we highly recommend adding those detail now in the Bin area.
  • Quantity
  • Size
  • Size Metric
  • Material Type
  • Disposal Method
  • System

Click on Show/Hide Advanced Bin Options to enter additional Service details (optional).

In the Client Area, select an Is Pass Through status.

If you choose an Is Pass Through status of "No", please provide the Client Billing Frequency.

Click on Save.

On the resulting Service detail page, your new Service ID will be displayed along with Service details.

Bulk Services Creation

If you have many Services to create, we recommend leveraging Discovery's Bulk insert option. Please see this article for more information on bulk inserting Services.

If you have additional questions or need more in depth information, please feel free to send us a message using the help beacon in the lower right-hand corner.