How do I create a Vendor Account?

Vendor Accounts are created by the Vendor and are commonly referenced on their invoices. Each Vendor Account is specific to the Vendor, symbolizing a unique association between the Vendor and particular Services provided at a Location. To audit a Vendor Invoice, a corresponding Vendor Account must be established.

To see the Vendor Account creation process in action, please click the Take A Tour button below.

To create a new Vendor Account, please follow these written steps as a guide:

Click on Invoicing.
Click on Vendor Accounts.
Click on New.
Click into the Vendor field and type your Vendor Name. Select the Vendor Name from the returned list of existing Vendors. If you do not find your Vendor Name in the returned list, please create the Vendor first.
Enter an Account Number. This is the Account Number designated on the Vendor Invoice.

Note: Please provide the Account Number as it appears on the physical Vendor Invoice, including any leading or trailing zeros. It is pivotal that the account number be respresented accurately so that Vendor Account matching operates correctly during the Extraction phase of Vendor Invoice handling..

Set a Billing Frequency.
Set a First Fiscal Period.
Select an Invoice Retrieval Method.

Note: The Invoice Retrieval Method field serves as a data management reference for accounting personnel, guiding them on where to search when a Vendor Invoice is not found. However, you have the flexibility to gather Vendor Invoices into Discovery using any method other than the one chosen in this field.

Enter any optional information and click on Save Changes

Bulk Imports

If you have many Vendor Accounts to create, we recommend leveraging Discovery's bulk import option. Please see this article for more information on bulk importing Vendor Accounts.

If you have additional questions or need more in depth information, please feel free to send us a message using the help beacon in the lower right-hand corner.