Vendor Invoices

Vendor Invoices provide the basis for auditing charges and extracting valuable information for reporting purposes. An invoice is put into Discovery by way of the OCR Extraction process which is included in the Inbound Vendor Invoice Process article.


  • Incomplete - Discovery was unable to automatically classify one or more line items on the invoice. Manual review is required.
  • Low Priority - Discovery identified all charges on the invoice, and no Billable Expenses will be generated from this vendor invoice.
  • High Priority - Discovery identified all charges on the invoice, and one or more line items will create a Billable Expense.
  • Approved - The invoice is approved. Billable Expenses, if required, have been generated, and the charges may be Posted to an an integrated accounting system.
  • Posted - The invoice was received by the integrated accounting system and is in the queue for payment.
  • Paid - The invoice was marked as Paid by the integrated accounting system.
  • Voided/Deleted - The invoice was voided or deleted.


  • A vendor invoice is tied to a single vendor.
  • A vendor invoice contains many line items


A vendor invoice may be revised if one or more of its line items are charged outside of the contracted terms and conditions. These revisions materially impact the approved amount of the invoice.