Search Bar

The global search bar in the primary navigation provides quick access to primary things in the system you may be interested in.

Accessing the Search Bar

You can quickly "focus" the search by anytime by hitting the forward slash ( / ) key. For example, this search will find results that contain the term "Olde English":


To narrow your results and find exactly what you are searching for, Discovery supports the use of keywords. Keywords must be the first term of your search. Keywords exist for specific Entities (such as "Client Credit Memos"), 

Please note that only one keyword may be in a single search. If you are interested in searching multiple Entities in a single search query, you may use an Alias Keyword. Alias Keywords are specific terms that map to one or more Entities, providing a convenient way to access common Entities with a single word.

A full list of Keywords, including Alias Keywords are listed below.

Example valid searches:

locations: Ascent 123
(This would find locations with the term Ascent 123)

services: rolloff olde english
(returns services that contain the keywords rolloff, olde, english)

Example invalid searches:

rolloff locations: Hotel


locations: Hotel services: rolloff

Note: All keywords support both singular and plural variants.

Alias Keyword Entity Searched
services Client Service
client contracts Location Service Agreement (Client Contracts)
credit memos Client Credit Memo
companies Vendors OR Client Companies
contracts Vendor Contracts OR Location Service Agreement (Client Contracts)
invoices Client Invoices OR Vendor Invoices
payments Client Payments
tickets Incidents
orders Work Orders
Entity Keyword Entity Searched
billing groups Billing Group
clients Client (user)
client companies Client Company
client invoices Client
client payments Client Payments
client services Client Services (Vendor Services)
client credit memos Client Credit Memos
incidents Incidents
lsas Location Service Agreements (Client Contracts)
locations Locations
vendors Vendors
vendor contracts Vendor Contracts
vendor invoices Vendor Invoices
work orders Work Orders