Global Search

Located in the header area of every Discovery page, the Global Search Bar offers quick access to key elements within the system that you might be interested in exploring. Click inside the Global Search Bar and a Global Search lightbox will appear.

You can also quickly request a Global Search anytime by depressing the forward slash ( / ) key on your keyboard. A Global Search lightbox will appear. Here, we've initiated a Global Search to return results that contain the term "taco":

Results are organized by Entity type. In the example above, the search term returned results for Client Account, Incident, and Location Entity types.


To further refine your Global Search results and filter for what you are searching for, Discovery supports the use of Filters. Filters are essentially the type of the Entity you wish to filter for followed by a colon and a space (: ). Filters must be the leading term of your search and will distill results for that specific Entity (e.g. Client Accounts).

Note: Only one Filter may be used in a global search. If you are interested in searching multiple Entities in a single search query, you may use an Alias Filter. Alias Filters are specific terms that map to one or more Entities, providing a convenient way to access common Entities with a single word.

Examples of valid Filters:

  • location: Ascent 123

    (Returns only Locations that contain the keywords "Ascent" and "123")

  • services: rolloff olde english

    (Returns only Services that contain the keywords "rolloff", "olde", and "english")

A full list of Filters and Alias Filters are listed below.

Entity Filters

  • client
  • client-account
  • client-company
  • client-contract
  • client-invoice
  • client-payment
  • client-credit-memo
  • incident
  • location
  • service
  • vendor
  • vendor-contract
  • vendor-invoice
  • vendor-portal-account
  • vendor-portal-invoice
  • work-order
  • vendor-account

Alias Filters

  • company (vendor or client company)
  • contract (vendor or client contract)
  • invoice (vendor or client contract)
  • ticket (incident)
  • order (work order)

Note: All Filters support both singular and plural variants.

If you have additional questions or need more in depth information, please feel free to send us a message using the help beacon in the lower right-hand corner.