How Do I Generate a Client Invoice?

Client invoices are generated per Fiscal Period and only in bulk. All Client Invoices that are ready to be generated, are done so all at once. To generate Client Invoices for a Fiscal Period:

Select Invoicing > Revenue from the primary navigation.
Navigate to the Billable Revenue tab (if you're not there already) in order to view the Revenue Dashboard.
Choose the Fiscal Period for which you want to generate revenue.
Click the Generate Client Invoices button.

When generating Client Invoices, Discovery will automatically generate new invoices for the specified Fiscal Period, utilizing the appropriate Client Account invoice settings. It will also create any Client Line Items (across all sources) that haven't already been created and update their amounts and the Client Invoice totals as necessary.

NOTE : Discovery does not automatically update existing Client Line Items on an unsent Client Invoice when a Service, Location Fee, Client Account Fee, or Client Service Fee is updated. If you've already generated Client Line Items and then make a subsequent change to one of these Services or Fees, you'll need to navigate back to the Revenue Dashboard and click the Generate Client Invoices button again in order for the corresponding line item amounts and invoice totals to reflect your changes.