Billing Groups

A Billing Group contains one or more Locations (which in turn, contain one or more Client/Vendor Services).

When Client Invoice Line Items are generated they are placed onto a Client Invoice, which is tied to a Billing Group. This relationship makes Billing Groups act as a sort of "account" for the Client.

Billing Groups have powerful Display Settings and Line Items Processing settings that apply to all Client Invoices, for Client Services, within Locations, within the billing group.



- The name of the billing group. This can optionally appear on invoice documents by toggling the "Show Group Name on Invoice" setting.

Billing Address

- The client's billing address

Primary Contact Information

- The contact information for the primary person who will receive Client Invoices for this Billing Group. The email address set for the primary contact will receive emails and delinquent notices directly.

Secondary Billing Contacts can be set under the Other Contacts tab. These secondary contacts will receive email copies of the invoices as well.

Default Payment Method

- Records the default method of payment for this client. This is not used other than for your team to record the expected method of payment.

Purchase Order

- Includes a purchase order on all Client Invoices generated for this Billing Group.

Days Before Collection Due

- Payment terms. The Due Date that appears on the client invoice is calculated by adding the number of Days Before Collection Due to either the Invoice Date or the sent date, whichever is later. The Status of a client invoice will change from Sent to Delinquent on the day after the due date if the invoice is unpaid.

Days To Cure Payment

- Determines how many days the Client has after the invoice is sent to cure the payment. Often this amount is higher than the Days Before Collection Due and illustrates the date you may elect to shutoff service for the client.

Invoice Delivery Method

Client Invoice Display Settings

  •   Show Group Name In Invoice
    •   Default OFF.
    •   The Billing Group's name will be shown on all invoices.
  •   Show Service Location Names In Invoice
    •  Default OFF.
    •  The location's street address is shown alongside the Location's Name.
  •   Single Invoice Per Period
    •   Default OFF.
    • Ensures that only one invoice can be generated per service period (per month is the only time frame built at this time). 
  •  Cancellation Email Hold
    • Default OFF.
    • Allows for standard Delinquent Emails for collection activity (late notices, etc), but does not allow for the suspension of services due to non-payment.
  • Disable Collection Notices
    • Default OFF.
    • Turns off all collection activity for all Client Invoices in the Billing Group.
  •  Send Collection Notices To All Billing Group Contacts
    • Default OFF.
    • Sends collection notices to all contacts, Primary and Secondary, for a Billing Group. By default, only the Primary Contact receives collection notices.

Invoice Template


All Line Items are processed as received or generated. There are no adjustments made to the line items aside from the basic collapse of Vendor Invoice Auxiliary Fees to "All-In Costs" of the Vendor Waste Service.  Line items will be grouped by location. For every location a list of line items will have a header line item that is usually the top level service and the sub-level line items are the normal recurring plus any extraneous charges for that service.


Need a custom invoice template? Please contact our support team and we would be happy to accommodate you.