A Tenant is a a company, entity, or business that has a license to use Discovery. All data within Discovery is segmented between Tenants; No private resources are shared between Tenants.

An Employee may be a member of multiple Tenants, and have individual Roles within each Tenant they are a member of.

Fields and Attributes


  • Name: The name of this Tenant (Example: Awesome Waste Solutions, LLC)
  • Billing Address: The billing address for your company/business. This will appear on your Client Invoices if you're a revenue customer.
  • Phone Number: The primary phone number for your company or business. Can also be used on Client Invoices.
  • Fax Number: An optional Fax Number (if your business still uses this).
  • Website URL: Your company website, can also be displayed on Client Invoices.
  • Vendor Invoice Data Extraction Email: A dedicated email address for this Tenant to create OCR Vendor Invoice Documents. Any emails sent to this address will have their attachments processed as OCR Vendor Invoices.


  • Brand Logo File: The Tenant's primary logo. Best if supplied in high-DPI transparent PNG image format at least 200px wide. This is used on Client Invoices and other key brand areas.
  • Brand Mark File: The Tenant's primary Brand Mark file. Best if supplied in high-DPI transparent PNG image format that is 200x200px. This is used in areas where the Brand Logo file may not be as appropriate, such as the drop-down to select between Tenants under your profile photo.

Vendor Invoice Settings

  • Allocate After Match: Automatically allocate Vendor Invoices after they're created during the Invoice processing flow.
  • Audit After Allocation: Automatically audit vendor invoices after Allocation step
  • Strict Cash Flow Protection: Prevent Vendor Invoices from passing the approval process if there are no corresponding Client Invoices generated yet. This is really only useful Discovery revenue module users.

Figure 1. Vendor Invoice tenant settings

Client Invoice Settings

These tenant wide settings for your Client invoicing workflows.:

  • Invoice Reminder Subject Template: The template used as the subject tag line for invoice Payment Reminder emails.
  • Invoice Reminder Message Template: The template used as the message of Payment Reminder emails.

The following variables can be used in both the Reminder Subject Template and the Reminder Message Template:

{invoice_date} {invoice_due_date} {invoice_number} {invoice_total_amount_due} {primary_contact_name}

Figure 2. Client Invoice tenant settings

How do I?

Switch between tenants

If you've been granted access to multiple tenants, you can easily switch between:

  1. Click the drop down menu next to your name (primary navigation bar). Under the Switch Tenants section you'll see a list of Tenants available to you. The current tenant will always have a green check mark next to it.
  2. Click the name of the tenant you wish to switch over to. This will log you into Discovery under the new tenant. Remember, when you switch Tenants you'll always be redirected back to the Dashboard page, regardless of which page you were previously on.