Inbound Vendor Invoices Process

Vendor Invoice PDFs have their entire data structure extracted and returned to the system on the OCR Invoices screen.

  1. Vendor Invoice Line Items originate from an OCR Extraction or direct data feed.
  2. Classified as Commercial, Rolloff, Extraneous, or Fees.
  3. Invoice is checked for Pass Through Services or Extraneous Services that need to be marked up.
  4. Fees are allocated (proportioned) across Commercial, Rolloff, and Extraneous line items to arrive at an All In Cost.
  5. Any Missing variables on a line item are calculated (Unit Cost, Quantity, Ratio of Subtotal, Ratio of Total).
  6. Cost Variables are matched against Vendor Contract Fees, Work Orders, pending credits, and other references.
  7. Vendor Invoice Line Item allocation is revised to match Contract Fees, if applicable.
  8. Vendor invoice line items are rebuilt per the contract
  9. Corrective Action Report is generated to notify Vendors of exact charges outside the agreement, requesting a credit, and providing appropriate documentation.
  10. Vendor Invoice is approved for payment in the amount of the Audited Line Item total.
From here, the process splits into related Revenue and Payables Modules.