Client Invoice Reminder

What is a Client Invoice Reminder?

Invoice reminders allow you to send notification reminders to your customers that have outstanding account balances from delinquent Client Invoices. Discovery currently supports email reminders only.

Features and Usage

  • Create a base reminder Template in your Tenant Settings
  • Primary Email Address and Other Invoice Receipts will populate automatically from the Client Account
  • Override base templates on a per-invoice basis - you can customize the template using predefined variables.


  • Client Invoice Id: The ID of the client invoice associated with the reminder.
  • Status: The status of the reminder. Starts at Unsent and transitions to Sent upon successful delivery (email). If there's a failure during an attempt to send the reminder out, the reminder will automatically have its status bumped to Failed.
  • Email To: The email address to send the reminder to. This is a required field.
  • Email CC: Any optional email addresses to cc on the reminder.
  • Email Subject: The subject of the reminder email. Required
  • Email Message: The body of the reminder email. Required
  • Last Emailed At: The date and time the reminder was last emailed. This field is tracked automatically by Discovery.

How do I?

How do I create and customize a Client Invoice Reminder for a delinquent Client Invoice?

Navigate to the Client Invoice Index screen by selecting Invoicing > Revenue > Client Invoices from the primary navigation menu.

From this screen, search and apply filters as needed to find your Client invoice. Once you've located the it, click the view link underneath the Actions column. This will take you to the Client Invoice details screens.

From the Client Invoice details screen, click the Send Invoice Reminder button:

Figure 1. The Send Invoice Reminder button is used to generate payment reminders for delinquent Client Invoices

Please Note that only Client Invoices with a status of Delinquent or Sent can have payment reminders created for them.

A couple of things to note about creating a new reminder:

  1. Both the Email To and Email CC fields will be populated using the corresponding Client Account fields. You're free to edit this on a per-invoice basis if you need to override them and you don't have to worry about typing them over and over on each new reminder you create.
  2. The Email Message and Subject fields will be populated using the Invoice Reminder Email Body and Invoice Reminder Subject settings defined in your Tenant settings.
Figure 2. The Create Reminder Screen

You can send the reminder out by clicking the Send button. After the reminder is sent out, a new item will be inserted into the history of Client Invoice:

Figure 3. Payment Reminders are part of the Client Invoice history.

How can I see Payment Reminders for a Client Invoice?

Invoice Reminders for a Client Invoice can be viewed from the Client Invoice detail screen.

Select Invoices > Revenue > Client Invoices from the primary navigation menu.

Figure 4. Client Invoice Reminders can be viewed from the Client Invoice detail screen